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NEW!!! NAOMI SHOP page coming very soon.

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Hi guys

Just to notify you that I will be creating a extra page, to sell things on. All payments will be done through bank transfer. The underwear, hosiery and footwear sales will be sent by royal mail recorded delivery. The postage price will be included in the total item sale price.

I will selling:

1) video clips. This can be personalised to your own sexual fantasies, desires or kinks within reason.

This is also a good choice for bdsm and Dominatrix clients, if you want a personalised video because you are unable to attend a physical session.

2) selling my used knickers, thongs.

Option A) knickers+ photo of me wearing them.

Option B) knickers +personalised video clip of me wearing them.

Option C) knickers + personalised video + plus photo.

3) foot fetish clients. Sale of used stockings, tights or socks

Option A) stockings/tights or socks+ photo of me wearing them.

Option B) stockings/tights or socks +personalised video clip of me wearing them.

Option C) stockings/tights or socks

+ personalised video + plus photo.

4) whatapp voice note message.

The price of the voicenote will depend on the length of the clip. I will write a duration price list soon.

I am just waiting on my new laptop, to be delivered, and then I will be able to create the new extra page.

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