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the highs and lows of social media

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Hi guys, well its been a while since i have done a written blog entry, excluding the video I posted up recently. I will be the first to admit, that i am not a huge social media person. Instagram, facebook, blogs, tick-tock, twitter etc, are things that, i have always found a hassle to commit to frequently. I think its the pressure, of posting quality content, of interest, on regular basis lol. All the people that update their social media daily - well done......I admire you. However I personally don't have the time or patience. (Truth be told- I can't be bloody bothered). 🤣😂 However I do love Reddit, youtube and Quora, I enjoy those forms of social media interaction, far more.

However I am slowly coming around to the idea for my escort work, because I think social media is great for business marketing, and I am seriously thinking about creating a low key instagram for discreet arrangements, under a different psdeynum.

I already have a escort twitter = @ebonynaomi

Naomi x

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Definitely agree that social media is good for marketing yourself. If you do it right it, can be a great tool for you. If you do make an instagram, hopefully you'll tell us the username! Looking forward to morr blog posts here.

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